Our process begins months before the Harvest (Harvest) with: pruning, fertilizer and irrigation activities carried out in the vineyard and serve to correct, strengthen and regulate the production of grapes getting high quality fruits. In early summer it is going by constantly monitoring the development of the vine, so that at the right time can get the appropriate degree of maturation and proceed to program the harvest. Harvest is the stage in which they are selected and cut the clusters to be placed in crates that once filled are transferred to our facilities where previous weighing the grapes are unloaded at a sorting table and then move to extract the juice by stripping and crushing, then a press is used to obtain more juice by gravity flow into the fermentation tanks, where they will remain approximately in 8 to 12 day period in which a constant temperature control is maintained. After the fermentation the must is carried by pipes to the stills to start the distillation in this process of boiling and after a rigorous fractionation monitoring the liquid obtained reserving only the middle part which becomes the essence of pisco. Our pisco has a maturation process of 06 months, during which the aromas and unique flavors of each variety are accentuated. FILTRATION, BOTTLING , PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OR STORAGE After our piscos maturation period are filtered to provide clean and shiny required . In bottling, sealing and labeling do not neglect any detail by applying the strictest quality control, and are ready for our bottles and store be the case or proceed to the distribution based on orders PISCO MAKING PROCESS