MISSION We are a company with extensive experience in the wine business whose main objective is to offer our customers products of excellent quality and at a good price . We are respectful of nature and environmental conservation . VISION To position both in the domestic and international markets ; adapting to new challenges , constantly updated by using technological advances and established technical standards.
In Bodega Yanquiza we make an effective fusion harmonizing the traditional with current technology ; which allows us to get one of the best piscos both locally and nationally whose quality is backed with various awards and medals won at the local, regional and national competitions ; showing in exports which is also recognized internationally, this motivates us to constantly update ourselves to keep offering high quality products .  It was in early 1930 that Don Pedro Alvarez Ferreyra, Peruvian worthy descendant of Spanish , comes to the city of Ica being located in a place of the countryside called Yanquiza , and to discover the generosity of these lands for the cultivation of the vine is that decided rise to a wine culture that endures over time through the Bodega Yanquiza which was founded in 1994 by his grandson Jesus Armando Hernandez Alvarez who currently continues to lead with hard work , perseverance and professionalism in each of their production processes . HISTORY THE CELLAR WINEYARDS  Our vineyards are located in the district of Ocucaje province of Ica, at Km 330 of the Panamericana Sur . ; Valley privileged lands with an excellent climate allowing us to get a generous yield and quality of fruits rich in aromas and very particular flavors of our region, which flow in the manufacture of our products. Among the varieties of grapes we grow are: Quebranta, Albilla , Torontel , Moscatel , Italy, Mollar , Negra Criolla, and Burgundy .